Terry Crews gets roasted for staring in Amazon ad



  • Actor Terry Crews is dragged by critics for his latest Amazon ad.
  • The announcement features teams enthusiastically exploring one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  • Amazon warehouse jobs have high turnover, which former employees say is due to the way they are run.

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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Terry Crews faces criticism for starring in a new Amazon commercial.

The announcement, which Crews posted on their TikTok account on Tuesday, features Crews enthusiastically visiting an Amazon warehouse, participating in a variety of different jobs, and speaking to a handful of employees.

He lifts cartons, shrink wraps a pallet of cardboard goods, and preaches the many benefits of working in Amazon warehouses – jobs that have extraordinarily high turnover due to the demands and tediousness of the job. Amazon warehouse workers told Insider.

“Wait, am I going to drive a forklift?” Crews said in the ad.

“I’ve ‘had’ to drive a forklift for 15 years. I’ve never been thrilled by that,” a Twitter user said in response to the video. “In fact, EVERY DAY I considered driving my car down a ravine on the way.”

These types of answers are littered through social networks, and in particular on Crews’ TikTok account where he posted the announcement:

Comments left on the Amazon Warehouse jobs ad in which Terry Crews is playing.

Terry Crews / TikTok

Amazon’s warehouses, which Amazon calls “fulfillment centers,” are at the center of Amazon’s e-commerce empire and allow the company to quickly ship consumer goods to the United States.

Current and former Amazon warehouse workers have repeatedly accused the company of putting productivity ahead of workers, as workers are punished or fired for taking bathroom breaks deemed too long.

Employees Insider spoke to in June all cited similar issues: the monotonous nature of work, monitoring their productivity, and the rapid burnout that results.

Specifically, current and former employees have indicated that entry-level warehouse jobs are most ripe for revenue, including “waste pickers” – the people who pick items for orders, pack these orders into boxes and load those boxes into trucks.

“It’s super tedious, and nobody wants to do it,” said a Michigan employee.

These are among the many criticisms leveled at Crews’ new Amazon ad, not to mention the luxury watch he wears: it appears to be a Panerai Luminor Submersible watch, valued between $ 20,000 and $ 20,000. $ 30,000.

Amazon warehouse workers, who earn $ 18 an hour working full time, can expect to make around $ 35,000 per year.

Check out the full announcement on TikTok or watch it below:

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