Study: Marriott leads competitors in social media ad spend


Marriott had the most social media ad spend before the holidays, according to new data examining social media advertising in the hospitality industry from BrandTotal, a social competitive intelligence and brand analytics platform.

To understand how major hotel / hotel brands are taking advantage of demand during this period, BrandTotal analyzed paid social media advertising campaigns for five major chains — Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, IHG and Hyatt — on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. A total of 517 paid social ads were analyzed over a 60-day period, from September 19 to November 19. 17.

Marriott wins on paid vote share
In an analysis of Share of Voice Paid (SOV), which is defined by the percentage of sponsored impressions, Marriott won with 93% of SOV paid, compared to 5% for Hilton and 1% for IHG and Wyndham and 0% for Hyatt.

“On social media, Marriott ads are the most likely to be seen by potential travelers,” said Alon Leibovich, CEO / co-founder of BrandTotal. “They spend a lot more than the competition. Rival brands get crushed and lose customers.

Although it beat everyone else on SOV Paid, Marriott did come in second in terms of engagement. Marriott’s social media ads had 44,900 engagements in the 60-day period, while Hilton’s had 49,200, the highest among the five brands analyzed.

“Paying to be seen is one thing,” Leibovich said. “Commitment is another. Advertising performance is boosted by smart targeting and strong creativity. “

Generation Z is the key demographic
Overall, Gen Z (18-24) was a key target for the hotel brands analyzed, with half (50%) of all ad impressions targeting this demographic. Meanwhile, 28% were targeting 25-34, with 12% targeting 35-44.

Gen Z is the most likely age group among American adults to travel this holiday season, according to Emarketer, with 59% of 18-24 year olds saying they plan to do so. This tilt decreases with older generations, with 41% of baby boomers and only 35% of seniors saying they would likely take vacation trips.

“The pandemic is less of a concern for the younger generations,” Leibovich said. “Hotel brands are aggressively targeting Gen Z and Millennial vacationers. “

Beyond age, BrandTotal found that almost three-quarters of the ads analyzed targeted women (72%) compared to 28% for men. Additionally, the top target states during the period were: 1) New York 2) California 3) Florida 4) Texas and 5) Pennsylvania.

YouTube’s Most Popular Social Ads Platform
Hotel brands focused the majority of their social media advertising budgets on YouTube (40% of all ad impressions), followed by Facebook (24%), LinkedIn (19%), Twitter (16%) and Instagram (1 %).

“YouTube is a popular platform among young adult audiences, including Generation Z and Generation Y,” Leibovich said. “Its adoption by these brands is proof of this. “


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