Ikea’s Blahaj Shark buys tiny house in Tokyo – Branding in Asia Magazine

IKEA is here to show that it can help you save space at home, even when your home is very small. And what better place to do it than in Japan, where the Swedish furniture giant plans to rent a series of tiny apartments for around $ 1 a month.

The brand has teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo for the release of three films for IKEA called “Tiny Homes”. The campaign features IKEA’s BlÃ¥haj shark toy, who shares his experience of moving large waters from Sweden to Tokyo.

In the first episode of the “Tiny Homes” series, a new actor, real estate agent BLÃ…HAJ, appears on the Tokyo real estate scene. He swims the streets and trains of Tokyo in search of small houses and apartments. What did he find this time?

In the second episode, Agent BLÃ…HAJ finally finds a place with the perfect petite size, and he begins to brainstorm with the IKEA design team to turn it into the perfect little house.

The tiny apartment is located in the Shinjuku area of ​​Tokyo, where the average rent is around £ 319 per month, or 49,000 yen, making Ikea Japan’s apartment a much cheaper option. The downside is that it is less than 10 square meters.

In the third episode, we see that a small space has been transformed into a happy home. How do IKEA solutions and furniture come together to become a home? Agent BLÃ…HAJ will show you.

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