IG.com Launches New Branding Campaign To Encourage Trading With The World’s Leading CFD Provider | INSITE OOH media platform


The famous CFD platform, IG took over Dubai billboards after his last appearance on the OOH campaign. The brand continues to promote its exceptional service on billboards, conveying the same message used in its previous campaign.

The visuals are very simple, however, the brand has managed to capture the attention of the current vehicles thanks to the vibrant red tint that appears on the backdrop, which makes the campaign stand out from the crowd and is clearly visible. on the roads. On the other hand, it encourages customers to take positive action towards the service or product displayed. Additionally, on a red themed background, IG.com claims to be an outstanding platform for CFD trading, it also reveals the kind of services they offer to its clients including Forex, stocks, indices and commodities. The ad copy also highlights the phrase “losses can exceed deposits. IG is regulated by the DFSA ”, establishing the reliability of the mark. The brand logo is located in the center of the display panel on a white background, with some illustrations of the platform’s interface and line graphics presented on a laptop screen.

This campaign soared during the first week of September in a limited location on a Bridge Billboard in Dubai

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