Five things to look for when choosing a recruiting agency


Your people are the most important asset of your business, so it’s crucial to hire the right people for your vacancies – and so it makes sense to look to recruiting agencies to get the job done right.

A top recruiting agency can use their expertise and existing contacts to put better quality candidates on your business, of course, and that’s not their only advantage.

A good quality agency can shorten your hiring process, and an agency is an ideal choice if you don’t have the recruiting skills available in your business – or if you’re just too busy and want to that the tedious recruitment process be followed. out of your hands.

There are many reasons to choose a recruiting agency, but there are a lot of things to consider before deciding which agency is right for you.

We’ve put together the top five areas you need to consider when choosing a recruiting agency. And if you want more help with recruiting, check out the five things you should look for in a resume, or explore our selections of best recruitment platforms and best job sites from 2021.

What type of agency do you need?

A quick online search will reveal thousands of recruiting agencies that could help you staff your business, but there are different types of agencies suitable for different roles. You need to determine what type of agency will be the most suitable.

Unsurprisingly, you will find many conventional agencies specializing in finding people for white collar and middle management positions. Explore this vast area and you can narrow down your options.

Some large, traditional agencies have so many staff and such a large talent pool that they can fill roles in a wide variety of industries and at different levels of experience. On the other side of the coin, there are smaller agency-shops dedicated to particular industries – ideal if you want more focused research or need to fill a more specialized position.

Go beyond these traditional agencies and you can find recruiting companies that fill temporary vacancies – ideal if you need seasonal workers, staff to cover the time off of others to fill contract positions.

At the top of the market, you’ll find niche agencies that fill leadership roles. Companies that are looking for talent for managerial positions tend to look for people who will be suitable for your role, even if they are not actively looking for a new job. They will put more effort into finding a smaller pool of qualified candidates for critical and high-value jobs.


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Know what you are looking for

You don’t just need to know what type of agency you want to employ, you need to start the process with a clear picture of what you need from an agency and your new hire.

You need to have a clear picture of the job description, its roles and responsibilities, your work environment and the salary you are willing to offer. You need to know your positions on office and remote work, moving costs, your organizational structure and the type of candidate you want to hire.

Ultimately, if you can provide more relevant information to an agency, you will have an easier time and better results.

Find agencies

Once you’ve determined what type of agency you need, you need to find the best agency for the job, which usually means you need to create a shortlist of potential candidates.

Head over to the agency’s websites and you’ll get an instant idea of ​​how they work and their corporate culture – and that should indicate if your business can work with the agency. On an agency’s website, you should also see case studies, testimonials, and evidence from previous clients, which is useful if you want to know if the agency has a good track record. Any agency you choose must also be part of professional bodies, like REC or APSCo in the UK or AFA or ARC in the US.

Elsewhere, check an agency’s social media profiles to see if they have a positive and active presence around the world.

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Interview the agencies

It’s not enough to just go online and find out a little more about the agencies you are considering for your vacancies – before you make a decision, you should also talk to them.

Interview agencies as you would applicants. By having the right conversations, you will have a better idea of ​​how an agency works and if it will work well with your business, and you will be able to understand its history, context and approach.

This approach means you can get more information on how long the process will take and whether they are flexible enough to meet your needs.

At this point, you can also inquire about the guarantees provided by potential agencies. Most good agencies guarantee that a new employee will stay with your business for a certain period of time, usually three or six months. If the new employee leaves during this time, make sure that the agency will provide a new candidate or reimburse your company in full.

Be sure of the budgets

Recruitment agencies can provide your business with the perfect candidates, but they cost money, so consider the financial implications.

Recruitment agencies tend to work on two different payment plans. Most operate on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if you hire the candidates. This gives you more control over the process, removes upfront costs, and eliminates some risk, but be aware that agencies can refer candidates to other companies as well.

Typically, you will need to pay an agency a percentage of the candidate’s salary if you are hiring. These fees generally vary between 15% and 30% of the salary, this figure increasing with the seniority of the vacant position. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay 50% for high-end roles.

You can hire some agencies on mandate. It is more expensive, because part of the recruitment costs must be paid immediately, which introduces a risk. Positively, this means that you will get dedicated service from the agency. This approach is generally reserved for management positions.

Whether you want to hire an agency on an unforeseen or a retained basis, be sure of your hiring budget before you begin your search.

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