Coventry Arena unveils partnership with production agency | Midlands Business News

The Coventry Building Society Arena has partnered with a production agency to extend the service they can offer event organisers.

PYTCH specializes in live events, media, broadcast, broadcast, digital content and mixed reality.

Through this partnership, the Coventry Building Society Arena aims to extend the reach of the events it hosts on the site. Delegates and presenters will be able to connect virtually to speak with those physically attending the event.

PYTCH owns all its equipment and has installed full-time technicians on site at the site.

Paul Michael, Commercial Director of the Coventry Building Society Arena, said: “This agreement will expand what we can offer event organizers and further establish our site as an industry leader.

“With PYTCH on board and the Commonwealth Convention Center nearing completion, we have all the foundations in place for a fantastic 2022.

“PYTCH is an industry leader and at the forefront of innovation when it comes to hosting and hosting hybrid events. The events industry is changing, and by partnering with PYTCH, we believe we can pave the way for innovative hybrid events.

Jordan Tomkins, Managing Director of PYTCH, added: “We are extremely excited about this partnership. We have always believed that there is a huge opportunity for venues to offer innovative and creative solutions to customers beyond the standard AV offering.

“The Midlands has an excellent reputation as a creative and cultural hub, and it’s always been somewhere that PYTCH has been keen to find a home. Partnering with Coventry Building Society Arena allows us to be part of this fantastic community and we look forward to working with locals on delivering projects in Coventry.”

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