Connecticut Attorney General Calls On Massachusetts Cannabis Companies To Stop Connecticut Billboard Advertising


WASHINGTON, DC, November 17, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – The District of Columbia Marijuana Justice (DCMJ) will present a carefully considered amendment to the DC Council in a public hearing on Friday. The purpose of the amendment is to open up DC farmers’ markets to adult cannabis sales and license sales by DC cottage growers and cottage industry entrepreneurs.

“Combining criminal justice reforms and economic innovation, the amendment would ensure that DC implements a cost-effective, fair, affordable and transparent system for the sale, testing and cultivation of cannabis for adult use,” said Nikolas Schiller, author of the amendment on cottage industry and co-author of Initiative 71..

The amendment establishes a “Cottage Industry License” for adult residents and a “Farmers Market Approval” license that would allow sales by local artisans and entrepreneurs, turning social equity and decriminalization into one. necessary and innovative new source of income. The amendment includes rules and regulations applicable to anyone who has issued either license.

The amendment reads: “A cottage industry license authorizes the license holder to cultivate and produce medicinal and / or recreational marijuana at his residence for sale and wholesale delivery directly to manufacturers, to plant. test, retailers and farmers markets ”.

The amendment continues: “A farmer’s market rider is a license issued to cottage industry license holders or micro-enterprise license holders that authorizes the license holder to sell cannabis in farmers’ markets in the country. District of Columbia. “

Click on here for the full amendment.

“The intent and spirit of Initiative-71, which DC voters approved seven years ago, was from the outset to decriminalize the plant in DC, to end the persecution of local cannabis users. and to establish a fair, safe, affordable and inclusive all-trade system for cannabis, from micro-sales to dispensaries, ”said Adam Eidinger, author of Initiative 71 and co-founder of the advocacy group and DCMJ cannabis education.

“We have an obligation to implement a system that does not exclude any entrepreneur from cannabis, who wants to earn an income, will obey regulations and pay sales and income taxes. State after state, legislatures have left much behind. side of many American entrepreneurs by allowing an exclusive ‘Big Pot’ oligopoly to dominate the local adult use market. We can break the cannabis oligopoly here in Washington if we legalize just by thinking of the little guy, “he said. added Eidinger.

The DC Cannabis Business Association (DCCBA) approved the groundbreaking amendment. “The DC Council has a chance to do what no state has succeeded in doing so far, creating a path to shift underground cannabis and the ‘gray market’ into the mainstream,” said Lisa Scott , founder of DCCBA.

The amendment was crafted after countless hours of deliberation and discussion, including open meetings and a three-part reading of the entire bill hosted by the DCMJ. A range of citizens, including moms, dads, veterans, activists, businessmen and lawyers, all contributed their ideas and comments.

“This amendment represents the will of the DC cannabis community. It is thoughtful in relation to local diversity, comprehensive and carefully worded,” said Nikolas Schiller. “The message was clear that many DC residents want to be part of the upcoming commercial cannabis market, but they fear being unfairly excluded from owning and partnering in a cannabis business. The DC Council can break the cycle and become the model of Success. “


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