Christi Callicoatte and Britney Mann use their experience to create an advertising agency in Midland

Christi Callicoatte and Britney Mann used their combined 35 years of experience in advertising and finance to create Current Media Partners, a Midland advertising agency.

The agency, founded in 2019, works with businesses in Midland, West Texas and beyond to build media strategies that will make their clients successful. Their experience in national businesses has provided them with the knowledge and skills to own their own agency when they settle in West Texas.

“Next year will be 30 years in the industry,” Callicoatte said, “I worked for ad agencies in San Antonio and Midland-Odessa before doing some national brands. “

His decades of experience have equipped Callicoatte with an understanding of public relations, advertising and marketing, as well as existing client relations.

Britney Mann was director of the digital department at her last firm before co-founding Current Media Partners.

“I’m definitely bringing more digital experience to the table. Everything from social media to programmatic ads, Google ads, websites, etc. in the digital realm,” she said.

According to Mann, she enjoys getting ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape and providing her clients with the best tools to market their business and services online.

She claimed she “came of age” with digital advertising during her career before co-founding Current Media. Prior to entering marketing, Mann was director of development for the Red Cross and the Crisis Center of West Texas.

“I’m very knowledgeable about finance, budgeting, and a lot of things that go into the day-to-day running of a business,” she said.

Callicoatte and Mann both grew up in West Texas before leaving to work for national brands.

“I left, went to school and then started in San Antonio,” Callicoatte said. “The first agency I worked with was with beer brands Corona and Shiner and I kind of got my feet wet there.”

For Callicoatte, returning to West Texas was not on the radar when she began her career in advertising.

“After coming back here for a few years in this industry, I learned very quickly that I think the relationships you can build here are stronger than some of the bigger markets,” she said.

She said she and Mann are able to get to know people quickly and more intimately than other parts of Texas. Returning to Midland allowed him to further root himself in the community.

There are also advantages to working in a small advertising agency as opposed to a national brand.

“In many larger markets, if you work for a giant agency, you can only work on one or two accounts,” Mann said.

The relatively small market size in West Texas allows Current Media to diversify its customer base.

“Everyone talks about oil and gas, but it’s not just oil and gas, there’s so much going in and around it. So we were very lucky to diversify our activities. Although we have oil and gas, we have many other businesses. This community has been so good to us,” Calicotte said.

“We get to know our clients’ business and industry intimately. It’s even just broadened my knowledge. I understand things about oil and gas, health care and economic development and things that I never would have known,” Mann added.

Current Media works with clients in West Texas, as well as New Mexico and other regions. One of their customers is Delek US, the parent company of Alon gas stations, according to Callicoatte.

“We are now working in, I believe, five states for them,” she said.

Another client based in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico is XTO Energy Inc.

Most of their healthcare clients are in West Texas, reaching the San Angelo area. Mann has also worked with clients in the banking industry.

First established in 2019, the agency’s first year of operation was during the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic.

Forming their corporate style early on due to the pandemic has allowed Current Media to better adapt to practices such as working online and flextime for employees.

“It actually worked to our advantage, I think. Many people looked at how they did business differently, and still do, in the wake of the pandemic. But we’ve really structured our business so that we’re pretty flexible, the way we do things is maybe a little bit different from how we grew up there,” Callicoatte said.

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