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New Delhi [India], July 2 (ANI / NewsView): “Content is the new currency of brands” is a saying that has gained momentum in recent times. The power of content grew dramatically as businesses were forced to go digital in order to survive.

This is what has made organizations across all fields realize that delivering relevant and premium content is essential to survive and differentiate themselves from the competition. This not only helps customers easily and effectively engage with a brand, but also improves their journey with the brand.

However, it’s not just the content, but also the creative concepts along with the overall quality and innovative content that help brands achieve their goals.

This emerging trend has introduced many changes to the content space and thus paved the way for many startups to rise to the forefront and carve out a place among the pioneers of the content design industry.

One of those brands that has made a success of its start-up journey as a leading content design company is ODN Digital. Founded in 2015, the company rose to fame in just 5+ years and continues to help brands effectively reach their customers through their premium content from an ecommerce and marketing content perspective.

Beginning its inception journey with photo shoots, the company now offers a range of services including catalog shoots, catalog videos, informational graphics as part of its “E-com content” services and management of e-coms. social media, web design, banner and landing page design with creative shoots and videos as part of its “content marketing” vertical. Since their inception, they have done their best and have even managed to deliver edited images and videos, 3D renderings, GIFs, and A + infographics in just 24 hours!

Their goal has always been to come up with innovative strategies and to represent creativity in every element, every project they carry out! They promise brands to deliver world-class content. They also focus on fast turnaround time and this acts as a differentiator for them.

Sharing his vision and the idea behind the launch of the company, Narinder Mahajan, Co-Founder and CEO of ODN Digital Services, said: “I have 18 years of industry experience and I am a sales specialist. retail and e-commerce. During my corporate journey, I have worked with various leading organizations in various retail industries and formats, prior to launching ODN Digital Services I was working with an e-commerce giant and that’s what then I observed the breadth of opportunities and growth for high quality and creative products. content. At the time, there had been a surge in investment in markets, digital marketing, and social media areas from an e-commerce perspective. There was also a huge demand for creative content and I realized that it would continue to increase hence the conceptualization of ODN Digital Services. ”

The brand serves customers nationally and internationally and has a presence in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and APAC regions. So far, ODN Digital Services has worked for over 200 clients across all industries and across the globe and has delivered over one million catalogs and over 0.5 million edited images.

The organization has played a central role in helping brands share their stories with the world through their innovative ideas and world-class content. ODN Digital Services is one of the very few content partners authorized by key markets such as Myntra, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and Noon among others for premium catalog shoots.

They have worked with various other big brands like M&S, Chaayos, Chumbak, Lakshita, Enamor, Timex, Wakefit, GAP, Lakshita, Paytm, Emporio Armani, etc. and provided them with world-class content for their Indian markets. They have also met the content requirements of some recognized international brands such as Fossil Group in the APAC region, Centrepoint Stores and GHC Group in the Middle East region, and Bodhi Beverly Hills in the United States.

Sharing their journey so far, Kumar Udaar, Co-Founder and COO, ODN Digital Services, said, “Of course, we’ve had our fair share of startup difficulties. Whether it’s the financial crisis, finding and hiring the right talent, securing our livelihood in an ever-changing market, or convincing brands of our authenticity, credibility and the quality of our work and attract new customers, we’ve seen it all! But we were focused and determined! We were clear in our mission and our vision and we wanted to achieve what we had planned. We are happy that all of our hard work is paying off and we have become the premier content creator and provider in India. ”

Expressing the creative roller coaster journey so far, Archana Gulia, Creative Director at ODN Digital Services, said, “At ODN Digital Services, we believe and work with a creative vision to manifest new-age strategies for our clients. Together, as a team, we propose innovative concepts and conceptualize aesthetic creations in order to provide overall quality content. We also make sure we deliver on our promise of a quick turnaround time, and in that process we keep the quality of our curated content under control. We also closely monitor industry trends and develop content taking into account the demands of the brand, its customer base and its image in the market. We weave brand stories into artistic content formats, whether it’s A + / infographics, catalog shoots, stop-motion videos, themed creative shoots, and more. through the expertise and creativity of our qualified team. We are making a concerted effort to only give out-of-the-box strategies and premium content to our clients! “

In a short period of time, the brand has managed to establish a remarkable and unsurpassed position in the market for itself thanks to its innovative conceptualization and cutting-edge creative content. The goal of ODN Digital Services is to design and deliver world-class content and maintain its leadership stature to deliver new age ideas and manifest creative strategies for brands.

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