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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled against operator 888 Holdings over a misleading ad posted by an affiliate marketing site.

The ads in question, promoting the 888 brand and advertised on, claimed that “casinos were trying to shut down a free Android app” that “allowed ordinary people, like Simona Moron, to earn money. huge progressive jackpots without using anything. but free spins ”.

The text that read “77 Free Spins (* Terms & Conditions apply) ACTIVATED FOR ANOTHER” was accompanied by a three-minute countdown.

After the ads received a complaint, the ASA looked into whether the countdown was misleading, suggesting that the free spins were time-limited, in addition to looking into the claims in text.

The operator claimed the ads were posted by a third-party affiliate publishing service, which it said posted them without 888’s approval.

The company said that upon discovery of the ad, it was taken down on the same day.

Despite this, the ASA upheld the complaint, ruling that the publication of the ad was still 888’s responsibility since it was the beneficiary of the marketing material.

A statement from the ASA said: “We felt that consumers would understand that the countdown would be tied to a specific time limit in which the ’77 free spins’ promotion had to be claimed, and that once it would have fallen to zero, the offer would no longer be available.

“However, we understood that if the page was refreshed, the timer would reset to start counting again from three minutes. Therefore, since the promotion was not time-limited, we concluded that the ad was misleading. “

The regulator also confirmed complaints about the specific wording of the ads.

He said: “We took the view that consumers would understand the statement ‘Casinos are trying to shut down free Android app’ as an indication that action has been taken by casinos to try to prevent the app from working.

“We also considered that consumers would understand the claim” that allows ordinary people, like Simona Moron, to win huge progressive jackpots using only free spins “as an indication that consumers have racked up big winnings by using free spins only, however has not provided us with any evidence to support either claim.

“In the absence of such evidence, we concluded that the advertisement was misleading.”

The ASA ruled that the advertisement should not appear again in the offending form and that future advertisement for 777 did not misleadfully imply that the offers were time-limited if they did not.

The ASA recently upheld complaints against Napoleon and Ladbrokes casinos regarding advertising standards.


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