Ana De Armas fans are suing Universal for false advertising after finding out her scene from yesterday was cut

It may seem like a one-of-a-kind legal situation, but at least one other viewer has already filed a lawsuit over a misleading trailer. In 2011, a Michigan resident sued FilmDistrict in response to a trailer for the movie “Drive.” In this case, the plaintiff argued that the trailer showed more action than the slow-burn movie itself. The suit managed to last five years and eventually evolved into something much messier.

It’s certainly true that trailers can be deceiving. Fans of de Armas expressed their disappointment last year after a trailer for another film, “No Time To Die”, featured her prominently despite her brief appearance in the film. Big-budget studio movies have even been known to digitally remove characters from scenes to keep major surprises in their movies. Misleading trailers have long been the norm in the film industry.

Actress Gabrielle Union also taken from TikTok earlier this month to talk about his own experience with misleading trailers. She explained why a “Bring It On” trailer features scenes from her character’s cheer group, the East Compton Clovers, that don’t actually appear in the film. The actress said the test audience loved the Clovers. The actresses were therefore asked to shoot short scenes after the film ended, just to use them in promotional material.

While this lawsuit itself raises many questions, it’s also a good excuse to talk about who is valued in promotional editions versus final products, and why. “Yesterday” screenwriter Richard Curtis said CinemaBlend that de Arma’s performance as a potential secondary love interest for protagonist Jack (Himesh Patel) was “really radiant”, but that “audiences didn’t like the fact that [Jack’s] eyes even wandered away” from his love, Ellie (Lily James).

A love triangle sounds like a pretty palatable plot device to me, but what do I know? Either way, the fateful decision led to a trailer featuring de Armas and a final product that didn’t. The lawsuit says its plaintiffs “suffered factual injuries and lost money” when they rented “Yesterday” and de Armas was nowhere to be found.

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